IPEP India printmaking project

Ipep India is printmakers international exhibition and exchange project. Mic/macrosom exhibition is curated by Lina Vincent. Im one of the 36 artist. Exhibition is travelling allround the world, here is some photos from tour.

Ancient philosophies have explained that man is the microcosm of the Universe; a tiny part mirroring the macrocosm in its structure and functions. The theory describes human beings and their place in the universe, revealing a deep and seamless relationship between everything known and unknown, internal and external, animate and inanimate. Adopted and studied by both spirituality and science, the interconnection between the macrocosm and the microcosm is a subject of vast interest, and provides the possibility of exploration in multiple dimensions- physical, conceptual, cognitive and artistic as well. The entire universe is made up of particles, and as living, breathing creatures, we are intrinsically one with it, and cannot be detached as much as contemporary phenomena has separated humanity from nature. As a seed is part of the tree, and the tree is part of the seed, so it is with us.

The idea of awakening the mind to this connection is pertinent to our present times, when every individual needs to be conscious of not only happenings in the global context, but how one is responsible and accountable for actions with regard to the planet and the universe. As artists, we are intrigued by mysteries of the unknown, the vastness of space and beyond – we are equally intrigued by our bodies and those of the living world, and the functioning of organic systems in a constantly fluctuating landscape. 

IPEP India 2018 invites participants to look beyond conventional definitions of micro and macro, and create new meanings – to develop works through perceptions and processes that are innovative and challenging.

More about IPEP India: http://www.ipepindia.com